Our History

...is the evolution of friendship, shared passion and values that we follow in life. We decided to build the company based on the conviction that the most important thing is honesty towards ourselves, our colleagues and most importantly... our clients.

We believe in sustainable development, which we implement through appropriate selection of partners, maximum use of environmentally safe materials, as well as the possibility of their recycling. In the company, we try to implement the principles of segregation, low carbon, material and energy savings.

We want the customer looking for unique design, meticulousness and durability of the product to find them under the Kar & Eli brand. We are directly behind every project, from the concept creation on the drawing table, through the selection of all materials, refining details and participation in the production process, to quality and safety tests.

We want each table model to bring added value, stand out from the competition and do so based on individually designed solutions.

The uncompromising nature of our projects results directly from the nature of the company - a team of people who abandoned their careers in the name of willingness to work on the roots, the need to boldly redefine trends. We risked a lot to be able to sign under each manufactured copy of the Kar & Eli table.